Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2009

Saturday, October 25, 2008

still going

Weights up and down.

Every time I think I have lost some I put it back on the next day.

I have just done 30 minutes on the exercise bike.

And I’m about to go and make some juice.




Sat 10/25

 30 minutes on the exercise bike

Fri 10/24

 0 exercise

Thu 10/23

 0 exercise

Wed 10/22

 0 exercise

Tue 10/21

 1 hour exercise

Mon 10/20

 1 hour exercise

Sun 10/19

 0 exercise

Sat 10/18

 0 exercise

Fri 10/17

 0 exercise

Thu 10/16

 0 exercise

Wed 10/15

 0 exercise

Tue 10/14

 0 exercise

Mon 10/13

 0 exercise

Sun 10/12

 0 exercise



Goal Weight:




Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21st 2008

Eating: * Breakfast: 1 small bowl of porridge * Fluid: 1 cup of Coffee, water, 1 small esspresso coffee * Snack: 1 orange * Lunch: Nil.  * Dinner: A small serve of steamed Mixed Vegtables & 1 rissole. Dessert: one small bowl of ice cream 
Exercise: * Bike: 20 mins * Gym: * Ab King: * Areobics:  * Walking: walked to the school and back, and chased after the dog. (around 20 mins), walked to school, then post office and then back home
* Stairs: 
Weight: 70kgs

Monday, October 20, 2008

October 20th 2008

here is my contribution
a nice breakfast of a couple of slices of toast and Some watermelon a cup of lady grey tea
and a much needed cup of coffee later on.

My weigh in this morning was 68.4kgs.

  • Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast with raspberry jam, and a bowl of watermelon.
  • Fluid: 1 cup of lady grey tea, 1 cup of Coffee, water
  • Snack:
  • Lunch: 2 small sandwich steaks.
  • Dinner:
  • Bike:
  • Gym:,
  • Ab King:,
  • Areobics:
  • Walking:, a short walk to the school oval and back when dripping dd off to school.
  • Stairs:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

keeping on track

is not easy when your 6 year old eats a large slice of chocolate slice in front of you.. I have done ten minutes on the exercise bike, and will do another 20 tonight.

  • Breakfast: 2 poached Eggs and a slice of bacon.
  • Fluid: 1 X Coffee, 2 X Glass of Orange Juice.
  • Snack: a bowl of watermelon and 1 scoop icecream.
  • Lunch: havent had lunch and its too late now at 4.40 in the afternoon.
  • Dinner: will be a shepherds pie.

  • Bike: 10 minutes.
  • Gym:,
  • Ab King:,
  • Areobics: 30+ minutes,
  • Walking:,
  • Stairs:

Ok will try and do this on a daily basis so i can keep a track on what i'm eating.

Feeling very tired right now have tried to sleep but just can't seem to get comfortable Only had one coffee today which I thinks made me grumpy This diet isn't going to be easy at all but I have to keep at it Ok going to try the sleep thing again

Tired cranky and missing jack right now I could really do with some support on this but with him Being away it make it do hard My headache hasn't improved at all I did manage to make the bed with fresh sheets and that feels a lot better Not going to get up as I know that I need to rest and it's very rare that I go to bed so early So will finish this and try again to get that sleep

** ended up falling asleep but had a very restless night and woke up just before 7am. **

View my weight loss graph

Hi there,I have been using the Fridge Graph website to graph my weight loss progress, and I wanted to share my graph with you as an extra incentive for me to stay on target. The idea is that peer pressure and the potential for public humilation will help to keep me dedicated to losing a few pounds!

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Im back on the wagon...

We have an engagement party to go to at the end of november and i dont fit in to anything.. so its time to get back to basics and restart my excersising and eating plan again.. 

Saturday 18th October 2008:

uhhhh exhausted did a combination 20 minutes on the exercise bike, the ab king pro and the home gym, and then another 20 or so minutes of various aerobics' i have to lose 5-10 kilos before this party... weighed in at 70.4 today (14th i was 72.3).. my aim is to get down to between 60-65kg any more would be a bonus.. had a small plate of mashed potatoes for dinner. been trying to drink freshly queezed OJ or Water. 
Sunday 19th October 2008:

just weighed in then, and thinking that the machine needs new batteries as it told me i weighed 65.8 i knew i couldnt have lost 5 kilos overnight so weighed again, then got 70.4, then 68.2. i really have to lose this weight for this party. had a small plate of poached eggs and a piece of bacon. hadnt had a coffee yet.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hi all, Sorry i havent been around much, DH is home and we have gone out a couple of times, and i have been sick this past week.. still feeling blah.. but thought i had better drop in and say hi.. how is everyone..

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