Sunday, October 19, 2008

Im back on the wagon...

We have an engagement party to go to at the end of november and i dont fit in to anything.. so its time to get back to basics and restart my excersising and eating plan again.. 

Saturday 18th October 2008:

uhhhh exhausted did a combination 20 minutes on the exercise bike, the ab king pro and the home gym, and then another 20 or so minutes of various aerobics' i have to lose 5-10 kilos before this party... weighed in at 70.4 today (14th i was 72.3).. my aim is to get down to between 60-65kg any more would be a bonus.. had a small plate of mashed potatoes for dinner. been trying to drink freshly queezed OJ or Water. 
Sunday 19th October 2008:

just weighed in then, and thinking that the machine needs new batteries as it told me i weighed 65.8 i knew i couldnt have lost 5 kilos overnight so weighed again, then got 70.4, then 68.2. i really have to lose this weight for this party. had a small plate of poached eggs and a piece of bacon. hadnt had a coffee yet.  

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