Monday, October 20, 2008

October 20th 2008

here is my contribution
a nice breakfast of a couple of slices of toast and Some watermelon a cup of lady grey tea
and a much needed cup of coffee later on.

My weigh in this morning was 68.4kgs.

  • Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast with raspberry jam, and a bowl of watermelon.
  • Fluid: 1 cup of lady grey tea, 1 cup of Coffee, water
  • Snack:
  • Lunch: 2 small sandwich steaks.
  • Dinner:
  • Bike:
  • Gym:,
  • Ab King:,
  • Areobics:
  • Walking:, a short walk to the school oval and back when dripping dd off to school.
  • Stairs:

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